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Dear Sir, dear Madame and dear colleges,


The Friedrich Maerker Publishing House would like to present itself. The concept for the Friedrich Maerker Publishing House is based on the opinion that language is culture. Language is also an aid that allows us and our children to experience and to stimulate the world.

We know from our experience that stories and narrations communicate culture. They are important for our linguistical formation. As a child I rummaged enthusiastically with my cousins in old overseas suitcases and we thumped through books of our grandfather. Doing that, I discovered strange things. Of course I had an interest to learn to read these writings of the books, because I wanted to be as good as my grandfather. I was always interested in books. Books allowed me to discover and to understand strange concepts of the world. Later I started to travel and without the foreign languages I wouldn’t have made the same experiences.

The reason why the publishing house got the name Friedrich Maerker is in honour to his inspiration and life.


The idea of the bilingual books is to help educate children. We are looking forward to give children the possibility to experience culture while reading and to profit of different cultures. We want to demonstrate identity and alterity in regional history and fictional stories. We respect the special needs and interests of children who start to learn foreign languages.

They should learn by learning foreign languages about their own culture, their history and their present as they get to know about foreign cultures. Our books are not only attractive school material but in the first place an adventure to read.


Our motto is: Knowledge is fun. Knowledge is transmitted by language. Knowledge is fun, especially if it is transmitted consciously. Only consciously learned knowledge can be used later. That is why on the one hand we consider it important to work together with schools. On the other hand we want to form a possibility for families to help their children. And we want to publish books for children. For them we offer bilingual books.


Looking into the future, we will enlarge our palette of products. For example we plan to take more foreign languages in our repertoire. And we will create a platform for academics and students to publish their scripts. Another project is to offer postcards for example made by the English painter Sue Meynell.


It would be a special pleasure if book traders and readers will consider the Friedrich Maerker Publishing House as an enrichment.

With best regards

Christine Schönfeld